Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dear Mom,

May 11, 2008-

Happy Mothers Day!

I love you Mom, I am thinking about you from half a world away. Words can not describe everything you have done for me. I miss you and I am so thankful for your guidance and wisdom. I don't know how I would have made it this far without you. Thank you for loving me, teaching, and keeping me safe. You have given me the best gift God created, your love. This semester has had plenty of stressful times and I am so happy that you were only a phone call away telling me that everything would be alright. I love you Mommy.

I might not have been #2 in my class (like you) but hey I graduated! You and Daddy were there cheering me on.

Soccer, Ballet, Basketball, Director, school volunteer, PTA, church camp, you are the everything mom!

A night volunteering for Valley Preforming Arts.

Thank you for letting Katherine and I play with your hair!

Even though you were the last one to show up and pick us up from dance class or school, and you are the slowest person to walk through a museum because you have to read everything, and every flower you pass you have to identify it makes me love you even more!

"My, child listen to your mothers advice.
Her teachings will be like flowers in your hair
or a necklace around your neck." proverbs 1:8

Happy Mother's Day Mommy!
Love, Brittapie

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