Thursday, April 10, 2008

10 mile Hike

"We have to climb that!" alas it was wonderful to be off the bus and be in the beautiful mountains of Extremadura. Our goal was to reach the small town of Guadalupe, nestled in the mountains. Guadalupe is known for its Monastery (which in part, has been renovated into a hotel- where we had reservations)

We departed from a small town outside of Caceres where we bought water and lunch to carry with us on our trek.

A small group of my hiking companions, (about 1 mile in)

We walked along this lake for a few miles (not too difficult it was a road)

Looks a little like Alaska... (How I miss home)

Kaylan and I stop for a quick shot of the landscape.

Single file walking up this "mountain" when all of a sudden we heard running...

About 100 goats crossed our path and stopped and watched us. I was ready to run if they started to charge, they weren't big but too many to be comfortable. We found out later that they roam the mountainside (they're owned by a farmer in the area).

We stopped on this ridge to eat our lunch.

The downward trail...

I made it! Sitting on the steps of the Monastery.

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