Thursday, April 10, 2008


April 4, 2008- After the city of Merida we traveled to Trujillo a small town built around a fortress on top of a hill.
If I visit Spain again I would love to come back to this town. The Hotel we stayed in was amazing it was built as the palace of Trujillo but renovated into a four star hotel. Very luxurious and modern.

The fortress was great, you could see for miles on top of the walls.

Kaylan, Raquel, Sam and I all standing under a "horseshoe arch." We could almost hear our History of Spanish Art professor quoting the Muslim influence recognized by the horseshoeness. ;)

A view from the walls of the fortress..

Back at the hotel.

For dinner we were on our own, we decided to have a picnic out in the courtyard of our hotel. Save a little money with our 5euro grocery store goods.

Our dinner, fit for Kings in our lovely Palace! Lets see: H2O, bread, ham, turkey (first time I have had turkey since Alaska! Everything is with Ham), olives, lettuce, and even Mustard! (Spaniards don't use condiments on their sandwiches)

After our amazing Bocadillos (Sandwiches) we sat out in the courtyard discussing politics, underwater facts, and Alaska (interesting subjects). "The state really gives you FREE money"-Thanks to the Simpson Movie that is one of the most common.

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Heather said...

Gosh Britta! You do so much more fun stuff than I do in Australia. Australians have destroyed most of their history, so all they have to offer is the scenery. You are so lucky to see all that. As a side note, Australians use condiments, but they do not use salad dressing!