Monday, April 7, 2008

My 1st & Last Bullfight

Do not read this blog if you are against Bullfights (ALL the bulls die)...
I personally do not like bullfights but I told myself that I needed to see the cultural aspect at least once.
April 1, 2008- It was the kick-off for the bullfighting season. The first day of the season locals normally dress up (today was very HOT, black pants were the wrong thing to wear).

The program that I came to Spain with called API bought the tickets for our group. The ticketing price is different depending on where you are seated. The best and most expensive seats are in the shade. The sun seats are about 37euros (That is where the students sat!). This picture was taken before the stadium was filled.

Before the bullfight begins they parade around the ring. There are six bulls each Matador "has the honor" in killing two.

I was happy because it was before the bulls came out...

These pictures really do the Matador justice, it can be a beautiful form of art.

The stadium is silent when the Matador uses his series of movements to bring the bull close to his body. The Matadors even turn their back on the bull showing how confident they are.

Throughout the fight, there is more than one Matador stabbing the bull. They work together tiring the bull. Two Matadors run at the bull and stab the bull with two spikes between the shoulder blades (A Spaniard told me that on the spikes is poison that helps slow down the bull's reflexes and depth perception). Before they even let the bull out into the ring they stone it's neck, that way it is hard for the bull to lift it's head! I think that is horrible.

The Killing blow. I couldn't watch this part of the fight. I wanted to put the bull out of it's misery. Good Matadors can kill the bull with one stab of the sword.

(My first and last bullfight.)
I left out the blood pictures.. and half way through the fight two guys came out on horseback and stab the bull with huge medal poles (Not very honorable). They just hurt the bull and do not have much class in doing it.

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Heather said...

Wow. That is all I can say. The pictures are actually beautiful, but that just sounds so gruesome.