Thursday, February 21, 2008


Granada.. and the real Sierra Nevadas

Granada has been my favorite city in Spain so far. With its amazing palaza's filled with fountains, beautiful plants, quiet little shopping streets, cafes, heladarias, and Churrerias how could anyone not fall inlove with this city. Granada was the last occupied Muslim city in Spain, Arabic architecture is very evident in the buildings and city structure. When the Christians reconquered the peninsula they left the city of Granada alone. Settled far from most cities and built into the side of Mountains, Granada was its own kingdom. (more background on blog "Alhambra")

The first night API took our group to a Flamenco show! Granada is known for their flamenco, girls and boys at young ages learn to sing and dance the traditional flamenco.

Kaylan and I are sitting in a little cave looking building watching our first flamenco.

In a small room the women dance creating an atmosphere of how original flamenco began.

Monument of Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella.

The buildings all over Spain are beautiful, Granada especially has many red colored buildings lining the plazas and parks.

Kaylan and I under the Alhambra.

My favorite dessert place in all the world! Churreria, this little cafe was packed with locals. Churros are very well known in Spain. It is a donnut that you dip in freshly melted chocolate! If you ever have a chance to visit Spain do not leave without trying churros.

That is not tea that we are holding, it's the melted chocolate that you drink after you eat the churros. (I am sure it's not too good for you, but hey I am in Spain.. no worries, yet)

Churros and Chocolate

Dos de mi amigas! Sarah, Kaylan, and I are inseperable..

We had brunch out on a patio overlooking Granada at one of my friend's house.

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