Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Here we are in Sevilla.. The trees are just starting to bloom, and the grass is getting greener everyday.
I always have my camera! It is the one thing besides my bus pass that I will not leave my house without, I never know what I might see!

This tower was build by the Muslims when they took over the Iberian Peninsula. It was built on the river attatched to the city wall. The christians later, after their reconquest saved many of the buildings and even created many of their own buildings in the same style.

Another angle of the same gaurd tower.

One of the many bridges built across the main river that runs through Sevilla. This is the neighborhood of Trianna (I live just beyond this bridge). Many historians believe this is the area in which the "City of Gold" is located. The City of Tartessos. The only records of there ever being such a city are in Greek documents. Tartessos was a large trading city, and the Greeks wrote of how the women and men where dressed in clothes of gold. 1949 a farmer found a gold object that was traced back to the Trianna area.

Our first stormy night..

Plaza de Espana, This is what you will find on all the Sevilla post cards. Star Wars II was filmed here in part.. little fun fact.

My backyard..

Across the river from my house, we took a bike tour around Sevilla.

Alcuzar, another very famous place to visit in Sevilla. The royal family's palace, one of the few still in use today.

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