Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My "House"

I still can't believe I am in Spain... Maybe a look at my house will give you a better idea of my living situation! I have to say I am pretty impressed with how well I have adapted. My little but cute room, I have one roommate Rachel she goes to Madison University... We have a little balcony that overlooks the street below.
This is mama Rosa, she is amazing I do not know how this lady does it. She cooks for 14 Americans in this kitchen! Loco (just crazy) That is the stove she is cooking on top of. Only two people can fit in there at a time and its hard enough to open the frig without knocking something down!

My beautiful bathroom :D I am going to have to say this is what I miss the most about Alaska a real shower!

Here my shower is! I have to hold the water handle while showering and have to make sure that the curtain doesn't move (or water will get all over the floor). I share this shower with 10 people.

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